Nest Number 14 for CURMA

A day after nests 12 & 13 were found, CURMA was informed of a nest found by Rolly Inigo, a volunteer in Barangay Panicsican. The CURMA response team quickly got to work and arrived in Panicsican where they were met by the Maurita, the wife of Manong Rolly Inigo. While she was happy to hand over the 37 pawikan eggs that they found, she was quite disappointed that her husband got fewer eggs.

She said she could only attribute this to the loud noise and bright lighting in their area despite Municipal ordinances prohibiting these practices. Maurita also mentioned a lot of tourists are coming now and the resorts are using very bright lights which in turn, disturbs and confuses nesting sea turtles and hatchlings.

CURMA volunteers assured Maurita that this matter will be reported to local authorities. Afterwards, the eggs were carefully transferred to the CURMA hatchery in San Juan where they will be safe until they are ready to hatch in about 2 months time.