420 Sea Turtle Hatchlings Released in One Day

Turtle hatching season is in full swing with a total of eight nests hatching over the past ten days, four of which came out last Thursday. It was a turtle Thursday to remember! Executive Assistant V of the Office of the Provincial Governor (OPG) Ms. Geraldine Joy R. Ortega and Mayor, Arturo Valdriz were among those who came to witness the baby turtles, make their way safely to the ocean.
Only 1% of turtle hatchlings survive to adulthood. A large percent of the mortality rate occurs during their trek from the nest to the ocean. From birds, to crabs and poachers, these hatchlings face a battle of survival from the moment they hatch. Locals and tourists from the nearby resorts were able to take part of this rare spectacle.
The coastline of La Union is a nesting ground for these Olive Ridley’s. Since 1978, only twenty percent of the Olive Ridley population remain in the world today. Sea turtles are called a keystone specie due to their vital contribution to the marine ecosystem. Sea turtles take care of the health of sea grass beds, which are home to the baby fish of the sea. They are also the ones who control the population of jellyfish. One may rightly say that the future of the sea, largely rests on the shells of these amazing creatures.
A day in which we were able to do our little part in helping them start their journey. A total of 420 hatchlings were released from four nests that hatched throughout the day.
Sea turtles return to their birthplace once they reach adulthood, to lay their eggs. To these hatchlings we say, bon voyage and see you in twenty years! Mabuhay from CURMA San Juan, La Union!