A Rare Daytime Nesting in Surf Town La Union.

Tourists and locals of San Juan were awe-struck to witness a mother turtle laying on a busy shore during midday. This is a very rare occurrence because marine turtles usually nest under the cover of darkness to avoid disturbances. They are bothered by bright lights, noise, and humans to name a few. Often these frighten them and can even cause them to abort nesting.

For some unknown reason, this unusual mother went about her business and laid a clutch of 108 eggs unmindful of so many people.

It was fortunate that some of the locals present were already trained by CURMA on what to do if they see marine turtles. They quickly informed us then placed a perimeter barrier to give her space. In no time CURMA personnel arrived and tagged the mother turtle before letting her go back to the ocean amidst cheers and applause from everyone.

Marine turtles lay their eggs on the very beach they themselves were born in but the situation on beaches has changed. Some beaches are too near human activity or have been eroded leaving eggs vulnerable to waves. CURMA has a hatchery to safeguard eggs. We thank all those who acted to allow the mother to lay undisturbed and helped in the transfer of the eggs.

This cooperative effort is a great example of how we can live in harmony with nature. Let’s sustain this partnership to conserve this keystone species on whom so many of us depend for our survival.