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CURMA or Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions is a marine turtle conservation program that protects an endangered keystone species from poachers and other predators. Volunteers patrol the coastline and secure turtle nests from dangers together with other activities
to help preserve marine life and
the environment as a whole.

Beach Patrol

This activity requires a patrolling training and workshop for volunteers willing to walk along the coastline daily from 3 AM to 5 AM or depending on the distance of the coast patrolled to search for eggs and nests. It commences in September and ends in March of the next year.

Hatchery Management

This involves the protection of eggs by transferring them into the CURMA hatchery. Specific sites are assigned for hatchery and fenced to keep dogs and crabs from digging the eggs transferred. The incubation of the eggs usually take 40-70 days.


Pawikan Release

This is the highlight of CURMA, which is what most people look forward to – the Pawikan (Marine Turtle) releasing. Pawikan hatchlings who have come out of their nests, are released from the hatchery and guided through the shore to the sea.

Coastal Clean-up

Volunteers conduct coastal clean-up every month, during the annual International Coastal Clean-up Day, and after holidays usually along beaches and rivers to help prevent polluting the seas and harm marine life.

Information & Education Campaign

We also conduct seminars, educational forums and organize river trekking activities so volunteers can witness the connection between the mountains and the oceans (reef-ridge approach). CURMA also promotes other advocacies, like the “No Plastic” campaign because plastics kill many marine creatures, and share simple ways people can help like making sure trash goes to bins to keep the environment clean.


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