Groundbreaking Medical Mission

Last Sunday, August 30, 2015 a medical mission was conducted at Dasay Elementary School in San Juan, La Union to service 4 barangays in the area: Dasay, Balbalosa, Nagsabaran, Nagyubyuban. The event was held to provide accessible health care in those localities.

The Medical Mission was a joint effort of SLU-MOMFI (St. Luke’s University – Medical Outreach Missions Foundation Incorporated) and SIFCare. SLU-MOMFI is envisioned as an exemplary missionary and innovative guild in reaching out to the most marginalized population. Twenty-eight volunteer doctors, interns and a dentist accompanied Dr. Romeo O. Abiog in this charitable pursuit.

SIFCare provided logistical support and Traditional or Eastern Medicine through their three volunteer acupuncturists: Vrindavan P. Tolentino, RM, RN, CAA; Marissa L Tamayo, and Gopal Pziebierala. This made this particular medical mission a groundbreaking project in terms of incorporating Eastern Medicine with Conventional or Western Medicine. This expanded the people’s knowledge about other treatment modalities.

Most of the patients were elderly locals who were unfamiliar with acupuncture and apprehensive at first. However, after the treatment, they were amazed at the results. They felt  calmed, relaxed and yet invigorated. Some had their blood pressures rechecked and the results showed that their blood pressures normalized. Those who complained of pain were quickly relieved. Muscle spasms were reduced, range of motion increased, dizziness and clogged nose were resolved. These are only a few of the many therapeutic effects of acupuncture. They are looking forward to more acupuncture treatments.

A total of 183 people benefited from the Medical-Dental Mission. Two of the doctors from SLU-MOMFI tried acupuncture and later said their pains were eased. The overall feedback was an overwhelming “Yes!” to the use of acupuncture as an effective and judicious adjunct to conventional care.

SIFCare with the slogan “Care in Action” shares the same vision of selfless service as SLU-MOMFI whose slogan is “Care to Share.” Both parties are looking forward to more collaborations such as this.