SIFCare CEO Invited at the YES-O in Bacnotan, La Union

Youth for Environment in School Organization or YES-O (an allied student organization of DMMMSU) invited SIFCare CEO Ms. Bismark to give a talk on women and environment last March 14. The event was held at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in Bacnotan, La Union.


The theme of the affair was “Gender Equality=Sustainable Development Goals”. Ms. Bismark explained how the science of identity is the key to helping women in society. We are not our material bodies—not men or women—but we are spiritual living entities all connected to Mother Nature and Father God. The material body is simply a shirt that we wear and although our shirts are different, we are all the same and equal in essence. Our true nature is we are all beautiful children of the all-attractive Supreme Friend. We are all interconnected and have to respect each other, Mother Earth and Father God.


The audience consisting of various students from different schools in La Union appreciated the enlightening talk. Other speakers were Councilor Rosario Nisce of San Fernando City who spoke on Women in Governance and Economics and Mr. Noel Oribello, founder of Sagat Trust, who spoke on his greening enterprise that promotes adoption of molave trees by interested parties.

Closing remarks were delivered by Dr. Leonora Ngilangil, director of the Institute of Environmental Studies.