SIFCare conducts HARI consultation & Farm Tour with School Principals

In preparation for the Healthy Aqua Resource Initiative (HARI) project to be implemented in different schools in San Juan, La Union, a meeting was held last September 1, 2015 between SIFCare and sixteen principals in Mr. Ramon Tamayo’s agroforest farm.

Mr. Tamayo, SIFCare’s Program Head, first gave a tour of his farm to the principals who were all fascinated to know how it was set up and he offered to help the principals design their schools to create a similar forest-like environment.

After the tour, several videos were presented to the principals to introduce them to the different projects of SIFCare. HARI was discussed and the principals were consulted regarding the different situations in their respective water systems. They are all very excited about the upcoming school visit and assessment in order to plan what needs to be done next in their area.