SIFCare Shares Advocacies at the UE-Manila Forum

SIFCare shared some of its projects that aim to help save Mother Earth to 150 students from the University of the East-Manila (UE-MLA) Political Science Society last August 3 in a forum “KALIKASAYSAYAN: Saysay ng Kalikasan sa Mundo ng Kabataan.”

The forum was an opportunity for the UE students, who are future leaders of the country to hear and learn from SIFCare volunteers about various environmental advocacies and to be updated of the current condition of the environment, specifically of rampant plastic pollution that damages Mother Earth.

SIFCare volunteer Liza Resurreccion shared the Project CURMA initiative, which aims to conserve and protect endangered sea turtles. Michael Resurreccion on the other hand shared the benefits of ecobrick-ing as one of the solutions in reducing plastic pollution and how students can do this through their own effort.