World Without Sea Turtles (Pawikans)

Sea Turtles? What about them? Most would not have known they are around, especially if you haven’t watched “Finding Nemo.”

If you have watched it, you would have caught a glimpse of these cool, adorable creatures in the sea.

We may not be able to see a sea turtle up close in our entire life but they are the unknown caretakers and silent helpers important to the ocean’s biodiversity and to us.

What do they do?

Sea Turtles eat jellyfish, sponges, and sea grass. They also protect and ensure coral survival. If we do not do anything to help preserve their species, some of these things may happen:


  • The jellyfish population will bloom.
  • Sea grass will not regenerate.
  • Corals will suffocate.
  • The ocean will die.
  • Food Security will be threatened.
  • And eventually the imbalance of biodiversity will be critical.

Imagine a world without them?

Every turtle counts!

Donate today or volunteer your time and energy into something that will help present and upcoming generations.